Yannick Sebag helms from a background of programming and research. Always interested in Music and Sound, he started to investigate and play with different digital programs and learned how to make images,
music with digital means, often combining both to create interactive settings in which the public is more participant than spectator. For this piece Maudiolose, the artist is focusing on the idea that through decomposition of human sound and body, one can create a visual interaction in which the image becomes more and more abstracted and our notion of body disappears visually but remains present with a subtil surrounding soundtrack made from recorded human noises.

The first images below are from Flow, a project created by Danny Perreault in collaboration with Yannick Sebag, presented at Eastern Bloc in Montreal for the Sight and Sound festival, and also in Genevafor the Mapping Festival

The last image is from Allégorie an interactive visual and sound installation collaboration between Valérie Lemieux and Yannick Sebag.