Producers Kaap de Goede Hoop are coming from The Netherlands to share their unique, handcrafted music. Here are some sounds from the Utrecht-based duo to give you a taste:

Full bio:

Kaap de Goede Hoop (roughly translated as “Keep the Good Hope”) consists of two producers, Bobby van Putten and Robbert van der Bildt, situated in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

These lost souls make music on a different level together with producers as Roger Martinez, Peter Horrevorts, Lemontrip and others. Barely influenced by the outside world, Bobby and Robbert are making music they like (to experience). Barriers and rules are often avoided while they make and play music.

Secret Cinema was the first one who was attracted to the sounds and vision of these two gentlemen. He offered them two spots on the Gem Samplers on his imprint Gem Records to introduce themselves to the outside world.
The track ‘Girl’ caught the attention of lot’s of DJ’s like AFFKT,Graeme Reedie (Silicone Soul), Terry Francis (Fabric), Steve Ward (Kiss FM/Chameleon Records), Seth Troxler, Sebrok, Misstress Barbara, Sander Kleinenberg and Andrew Grant (DC-10).The sound is fresh, deep, odd and most important: transparent.

“…We like to play with the audience. Old tunes that sound like they’re from 2080 and promo’s that sound they’re like from 1995. Give the people some special treats with confusion and surprises…”. The audience will experience a trip through sound and atmosphere. Kaap de Goede Hoop will get you lost, only to wake you up again.